Wavelet Analysis of Circadian Rhythms

Wavelet Meets Actogram (Leise, Indic, Paul, and Schwartz)

MATLAB scripts (tested on version 2012a):

Discrete wavelet transform to find activity onset
Mexican hat wavelet to find temperature onset
Morlet wavelet to find temperature peak
Temperature actogram

Utility script:

Sample datasets:
Wheel-running record
(15 min bins)
Temperature data (15 min time step)
Temperature onsets (in days)
Temperature peaks (in days)


Wavelet-Based Time Series Analysis of Circadian Rhythms (Leise and Harrington, J Biol Rhythms 2011 26: 454)

MATLAB scripts (tested on version 2011a):

Illustration of analytic wavelet transform

Discrete wavelet transform and MRA of activity and biolum data

Analytic wavelet transform of activity data

Utility scripts:



Sample datasets:
Female mouse wheel-running activity with two 6h advances
LL female mouse SCN explant PER2::LUC bioluminescence rhythms

Also see Wavelet analysis of circadian and ultradian behavioral rhythms.

Links to free wavelet toolboxes for MATLAB
WaveLab (David Donoho and others at Stanford)
Wavelet Methods for Time Series Analysis (Book by Percival & Walden, scripts by Charlie Cornish)
Wavelet analysis software (C. Torrence)
jlab (J. M. Lilly)