Math 294: Optimization


Instructor Tanya Leise
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Optimization Models

(Available at Amherst Books and on reserve in the science library)

Course goals:


Course Topics: 


Attendance: Please be in class and be there on time. Cooperative learning is more effective and more fun than struggling through material on your own. If you do miss a lecture, it is your responsibility to obtain the material that you missed and to get your assignments handed in to me.


Questions: If you have a question during lecture, please raise your hand and ask it right away. Chances are that other students are wondering the same thing. If a question arises later, feel free to visit my office and we'll work through sample problems until you are comfortable with the mathematics.  Always feel free to ask me to slow down as well.


Numerical software: We'll be doing lots of numerical explorations and learning to implement algorithms. If you have a laptop, please bring it to class regularly; if you don't have a suitable device, please let me know and we'll try to arrange one for you to borrow from the college. We will use Mathematica in class to explore examples. The college has a license that should allow you to install Mathematica on your own computer, and it's available on most college computers.


Grading:  Your course grade will be based on three take-home exams (50% total), homework (30%), and a final project with a report and presentation (20%).


Intellectual Responsibility


Homework Guidelines


Course Resources:

Don't struggle alone! You have many options for getting help with this course.


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